Empowering Resources For Your Boudoir Session


Hi, I’m marcy!

I love shooting boudoir because I believe that every womxn deserves to be celebrated. Society is in the business of telling you that you’re not enough and that couldn’t be further from the truth. You and your body are worthy. Right now.

I can’t wait to celebrate you!


Step 1 - Discovery

This is where we get to learn a little more about each other and start planning your shoot!


Step 2 - Shoot

This is where you get to shine!!


Step 3 - Reveal

This is where you get to see your photos for the first time and order products.


“There’s no other experience like this one!”


“Doing a boudoir shoot with Marcy was the best gift I’ve ever given myself.” —Sydney

“I became so comfortable in my own skin and in front of the camera and I did not expect that at all.” —Ashley


You ready to gift yourself with the best self love experience in Columbus, Ohio? Let’s chat.

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